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As digital transformation continues to shape the new relationship between healthcare providers and their customers, upskill your pharma marketing team with the key digital skills and tools to improve performance

The question of the key digital skills and tools in the pharma industry is an ongoing challenge. Pharma marketing generalists plan and optimize marketing strategies, campaigns and product launches, requiring a T-shaped digital skillset and continuous professional development to oversee all marketing activity. Pharma digital specialists manage day-to-day optimization of key digital channels, the new front-line of customer engagement. Investment in tools and training for these staff is crucial for your company's growth. Of course, the breakdown of these channels will depend on your pharma company's positioning and target markets, which we will visit further on in the article.

Why invest in digital marketing for pharma?

Improved distribution of, and accessibility to, pharmaceutical data and information is accelerating customer-centric disruption…

Chart of the Day: Reasons why marketers are considering a change of job

As companies continue to grow and the competition increases, staff retention seems to be a recurrent issue for any employer hiring marketers. Especially as the new year unfolds, marketers might decide to pave their career paths differently to what their company allows. Companies should seize the desire for learning and development express by their employees and find newer ways to fulfill marketers in their current working environment, be it through new opportunities for growth or make them feel valued for their contribution. It is imperative for companies to critically understand when people are likely to move on and the motivations that have driven their decision. Andre Rickerby, CMO at Moonpig, asserts the vital need for a business to set their own working culture, referring to that as a “massive retention tool in itself”. Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey shows that while…