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How to create a product launch marketing plan using the RACE Framework

You are working during one of the most entrepreneurial eras in history. Thanks to digital media, launching a product to a global audience has never been so manageable.

Equally, competition has never been as fierce. To successfully launch your product online, you need a winning product launch marketing plan.

With strategic planning, product launch marketers can avoid common product launch pitfalls such as targeting the wrong customers, or not optimizing the right customer journeys. When launching your product, marketing can make or break the launch. That's why we recommend utilizing our tried and tested marketing tools and templates, to acquire and retain high-value customers from the off.

The RACE Framework

We created the RACE Framework as a structure for marketers and managers to plan, manage and optimize their customer journeys across all the key customer touchpoints  - including digital media…

From SMART to SMARTER marketing objectives: Discover how to define marketing objectives, measure your digital marketing goals, and use data to inform your marketing strategy

When identifying specific marketing objectives to support your long-term goals, it is common practice to apply the widely used SMART mnemonic. You will know that SMART is used to assess the suitability of objectives set to drive different strategies or the improvement of the full range of business processes. By definition, an effective SMART marketing objective is: Specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. One of the main reasons we called our site and service SMART Insights is because we help marketers succeed through using a more structured approach to their marketing strategy and planning. If you're looking to transform your approach to digital data, media, and customer experiences, why not use the Smart Insights RACE Framework? Identify your problems, and discuss solutions that work for your business. …

Digital marketing is more important now than ever. Take steps to create, streamline, or optimize your marketing strategy today and accelerate your results in the coming year

Where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy? It's still a common challenge since many businesses know how vital digital and mobile channels are today for acquiring and retaining customers. Yet they don't have an integrated plan to support digital transformation and business growth, and engage their audiences effectively online. If your business doesn't have a strategic digital plan aligned with your business plan you will suffer from the ten problems I highlight later in this article and you will lose out to competitors who are more digitally savvy. For each of the ten problems, I will also recommend marketing solutions and next steps to help you optimize your marketing strategy to win more customers in 2022.

What is digital marketing? The…

Learn how you can use the Product Life Cycle (PLC) marketing model to project changes in the perception and use of your products

The Product Life Cycle describes the stages of a product from launch to being discontinued. It is a strategy tool that helps companies plan for new product development and refine existing products.

What are the stages of the Product Life Cycle?

Introduction Growth Maturity Decline [si_guide_block id="29978" title="Download our Free Resource – Essential marketing models" description="With so many marketing models to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the best to use in a specific situation. This free guide has been created to help today’s marketers apply our pick of the most popular established frameworks to aid their decision making."/]

New Product Development

The new product development stage occurs before the product's life-cycle begins, consisting of market research leading up to product launch. Hence this stage can include: Reviewing…

An integrated marketing strategy means every element of your marketing plan must contribute towards your vision for the business, or be cut out of the day to day workload

Lack of integration between strategic vision and the tactics needed to get there is a problem I often find when reviewing marketing strategies. That's why I created the RACE Framework as a simple one-page summary to unify your marketing strategy through goals, objectives, and KPIs. This is true whether I'm reviewing student assignments or mentoring marketers creating real-world marketing strategies. More often than not, I find myself reading about different aspects of marketing objectives and tactics that just don't line up with each other - and leave you questioning why. These issues can be magnified by marketing strategy structure - the way the document is split up into separate sections. Without a unifying framework, it's not clear how each strategy is supporting a goal or…

A quick guide to different types of advertising for different purposes

This article explores different types of advertising online. Which ones are effective? Which among them actually help businesses reach their bottom line and business goals? In Digital Marketing: Integrating strategy and tactics with values, published 2014, Ira Kaufman and Chris Horton wrote that we’re well beyond the stage in which digital media is a fad. In fact, over the last 10 years, digital media has become the means by which consumers communicate with their friends and families, especially when making purchase decisions. This is the main reason why marketers embrace and invest in digital marketing and advertising. But, alongside these welcome developments in customer behavior and expectations, marketers are faced with increasing challenges - algorithm updates, changes in tracking, and increased noise in the digital landscape to name just three. As Anatolii Labinskyi put it 'change is…

A content marketing planning tool to help marketers generate ideas for the most engaging content types for their audiences

We created our Content Marketing Matrix to help our members audit their content marketing assets as part of creating a content marketing strategy. It can also be used for content ideation, i.e. to brainstorm future content ideas to generate leads, nurture prospects, encourage sharing and generate backlinks for SEO. Since we created it eight years ago it's been shared many times and has inspired many 'mashups' in different formats as this Google search shows; great to see it's been useful! I think the CMM is a powerful mindtool for marketers since it's a content mapping tool, structured to help you think through two key dimensions of which types of content will best support the path to purchase for your target audience. The two dimensions are: 1.…

Introducing a new tool to help marketers review and improve the best options for promoting content

If you’re a regular reader of Smart Insights, it’s likely you’ve seen, or even better, used our Content Marketing Matrix developed with First10. It has proved to be a popular infographic since it’s not just a nice visual of some interesting ‘facts and figures’ about marketing, rather it can actually be applied to get better results since it helps businesses brainstorm the best types of content to create as part of their content marketing strategy. We've got marketing tools and templates to support your marketing strategy, from matrixes to checklists, and content strategy Learning Path modules. Find out more. [si_blog_banner_cta]

What is the Content Distribution Matrix?

This infographic is aimed at helping marketers to review the effectiveness of different types of Paid, Owned, and Earned media to promote or distribute their content in generating…

What are the essential parts of a marketing plan template?

A marketing plan is a strategic document that specifies your organization’s target markets, marketing objectives, programs and activities to achieve them, timescales and the resources to be utilized, according to defined budgets. The purpose of a marketing plan is to define strategies to engage audiences in order to achieve business objectives.

What is the purpose of a marketing plan?

In smaller businesses, the scope of a plan is typically annual and for the whole business. Typically, SMEs are working with smaller budgets and tighter turnaround times. For a small business looking for rapid growth, the purpose of a marketing plan is to identify where  to prioritize investment of time and available budget to generate results. In larger organizations, its focus will change, depending on the type of organization.  A separate marketing plan might be: Geographically-based Product-based Business unit based Focused on segmentation A marketing plan in…

Examples and definitions of integrated marketing today. Find out why integrated omnichannel marketing is essential to the success of your business

Without getting too Aristotelian, with marketing, the whole is most certainly more than the sum of its parts - when it's done right that is. But what is 'Integrated Marketing done right'? Keep reading to discover definitions and recommendations that will set your digital marketing strategy on the path to success in 2022! The first definition sits closest to home. At Smart Insights, we define Integrated Marketing as follows: "Integrated Marketing is a strategic approach to integrating communications and interactive experiences targeting defined audiences and individuals which coordinates all aspects of marketing of a brand, including: Paid media (offline advertising, direct marketing and online display and programmatic); Earned media (Organic search fuelled by content marketing, PR and online influencer outreach) Owned media (including social media, on-site UX, customer service and direct…